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manga rantings.

So, basically I follow two series. Wait, make that three. I watch loads of them, but it seems the only ongoing ones I bother following and reading as they come out are: Eyeshield 21, Gintama and Naruto. I don't know if Gintama counts though, since I actually (*gasp*) buy them in english. Or, they get automatically sent to my house when they come out. Anyway.

First, Eyeshield 21.
I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN, YA-HA! D::: No way their lives will just be, BAM, OVER, after the high school tournament, of COURSE they'd go after a world cup of some sort.. Yeah, arc two is finally starting, and I'm enjoying the rounding up of the team for the WC immensely.

I'd also like to say that Hiruma in a maid's costume was sexier than back when Sakuraba was in one, by far. And Hiruma's wasn't even short. Also I'm not in the least even a bit surprised he's got his own airforce jaguar plane. It's more like I was delighted to finally get to see it.

Second and last, Naruto.
What the hell, man.


Kakashi doesn't die like that. He doesn't. IT'S ALL LIES AND DECEIT! He can't just give in to exhaustion and a fucking nail. Nah, I still believe in those healer slugs, also, I think Naruto will come back and be all "HEEEY, WADDI MISS, MINNA?!" and dig him up. Because no matter how you look at it, if someone can save anything, it's fucking Naru-boy.

Love on finally getting to see Kaka's daddy though. Whoo for the White Fang!

*sigh* I just don't know what to think of Kishi anymore. I didn't particularly like him in the first place, I mean the man is a weirdo in a bad way, but like... what does he gain from killing everyone off? Che.
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I just placed an order for another AP dress. The Angel Pony JSK, to be more exact. *is very excited* 8DD ♥ I'm getting it in black, of course.

I swear though, next time I won't waste all my money on some brand piece, I need to get some base things from Anna House or somewhere soon.

So anyway. I was to the doctor Thursday, who gave me two nasty shots, one in my elbow, one in my knee, and I wasn't supposed to move around too much for 24 hours. It was a pain in the ass, but it resulted in me getting out of going to school last friday. Muhuhu. -__-.. yay. I have.. homework. Not terribly a lot of it, but still homework. However, all I've done all weekend, with no pause other than for sleeping, from thursday night, was watching that rp community I'm in. *sigh* I'm like... in love or something. I'm depressed now since this event thing that's coming up is late, and it seems all the threads I were talking in are all over. *insta-death*

Oooh, I almost forgot, I watched through Hellsing on thursday too. ♥♥♥♥Alucaaaard~♥ ;_; I bet he's like, Hiruma's dad. And Hiruma's got a son, you know. XD.. He got drunk one night at a costume party and got it on with Robin Hood; they had Link. So, consequentially, Alucard is hereby Link's grandfather. Win.

Ah, anyway. The only class that's not canceled tomorrow is Japanese at two o'clock. Feel like I can stay up a while longer, even though it's a quarter to two am.

The intro gets annoying, but I fucking love this song.
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just an update.

hnn, I haven't posted in a while. What's happened?

Well, I finally got that Innocent World package! 8D With the crown ebrodiery JSK in black, and a pretty black bonnet, and.. I dunno. It's gorgeous, I love it. Just don't really know if I deserve it. D: it's like it looked at me and told me to fuck off. >XD Only a matter of time till I've tamed it though. Muhuhu.

My school moved to a new building. The first day was yesterday, and I really don't like the air there. It's like a high school flashback, and need I say I hated high school? But it's in a pretty neighborhood and it's closer to home (except for the walk from the metro station takes like.. ten minutes. the horror, right?) so I'm happy.

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I was reminded of that uppCon is coming up soonish.. (in january), and that I have to save money for it. D: horrible notion, since I was totally set on spending the last i've got on some fancy melody (and possibly royal poodle) stuff. Finally. I mean jeez, everything's already sold out and I'm left choosing between the leftover scraps, or trying to find someone who's selling theirs. .... ^_____^;; money troubles aren't interesting though, I realize that, so I'll just get back to my GIGANTIC STACK OF HOMEWORK for now.

... or maybe I'll just skip the homework and read Gintama. The new one came in the mail like.. two days ago and I still haven't even opened it. It's blasphemy, I have to remedy it.
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lolita-chan, always have your cookies enabled. ♥

All lolita is sure to know what a "cutsaw" or "cut sewn" is by now, and probably stopped thinking it sounds funny, but when it warps into "cutting saw", all I can think of are bad horror movies. Like Braindead. Engrish for the win. <3

So, I'm definitely getting a cold. It's really chilly here, as I've mentioned, autumn is here now. Thing is, I ordered a jacket (from more than two months ago, and it's still not here. .__. I've been in contact with her, and she even emailed me and told me my things are ready to be sent out about a week ago, but I guess she hasn't found the time to go to the post office with it yet, since she hasn't sent me the tracking number yet. T__T I'm seriously displeased.

I ordered pretty early, the 15th of July for crying out loud, because I wanted to try everything on before I ordered anything else for this autumn. See, I wanted to know how well everything was going to fit before I ordered some other things that I've been looking at, to coordinate with. The jacket I ordered, plus a cardigan, I've found skirts that would look so well together with them, but what if I don't like how they fit when they (finally) get here? I'll still like the skirts, but I won't really have something to wear them with. I'm already basically deprived of blouses, I can't wear them all the time. And all the cardigans and jackets that I have right now are so very.. casual. >_>;

Oh well, I just emailed her again, let's hope for the best.

......I have kanji homework. And art to finish for people. And two fics to update. And I want to read Alice Through The Looking Glass again, but I've got tons of books that I should read that I haven't yet that I should read first, but I never do. *sigh* Life suddenly feels so very cluttered. :<

On a different note; Yoji Biomehanika is fucking awesome.
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finally, ne?

It's my birthday soon, and you know what? I've picked out what I'm gonna buy for myself.

♥♥ I'm in love. I must have a bonnet fetish or something. >_>.. I just can't pick a color. Oh, the dilemma.
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bees and bustle skirts.

Today when I was waiting for the train, a bee mistook me for a flower. XD <3 I was for once not wearing completely black, but a bustle skirt with pretty little strawberries and tiny white flowers. The poor thing buzzed around me for a good five minutes, choosing different spots on my skirt to land on. Didn't seem to find what it was looking for though.

It's autumn here, and it's really starting to get colder, I guess the bees are about to die or fall asleep or however they deal with the winter, this one seemed a bit dizzy in any case.

Oh, I've really been looking forward to autumn and colder weather, summer just doesn't suit me. And now I can wear pretty jackets and coats, and cozy scarves and wooly socks and furry winter-boots. <3

I don't know if it's winter that's underrated or summer that's overrated.

I'm bored, I forgot my iPod at home, and I've got a whole hour left of school till I can leave, and I have so much to do and this class is full of mean bitches. I want to get out of here. u_u;
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